Wagon-rides to the Pumpkin Patch

Over 50 Acres of Pumpkins growing on the vine!


Come to Carolyn’s Country Cousin’s Pumpkin Patch, it’s so huge we take you out into the fields in a WAGON, and we’ll pick you back up after you make your selections!

Our grandpas, uncles and cousins drive our guests young and old alike to the great pumpkin field. There’s no cost to ride the tractor driven open air wagons. You may even get a story or two (no extra charge).

Monday through Friday the tractors run from noon until 6 PM. On the hour or half-hour.

On Saturday and Sunday they start running at 10 AM and the last ride leaves the loading area at 6 PM.


We have all sizes, shapes and colors of pumpkins—huge pumpkins, miniatures, tall pumpkins and short and round!
We’ve got gnarly pumpkins that look like they’ve got warts, and white pumpkins that look like ghosts!


We have a giant selection of pumpkins already picked, for those who prefer not to go out into the fields.

We also have beautiful decorations for your fall celebration, including, Corn Stalks, Straw Bales, Indian Corn, Hand-Painted Pumpkins, Gourds, Fall Wreaths, and much, much more!