Kettle Korn Kettle Korn


Did you know Poppa is a cook too? He has a few secret recipes of us own.

He remembers going to the state fair as a young boy with his grandpa. Their favorite always was kettle corn, but not just any kettle corn.

Grandpa was picky. It had to be just right. The special ratio between salt and sugar. It took a long time but finally that memory has been recreated re-created.

Making kettle corn is a hard job! We hope time and the effort comes through for you in our Kettle Korn!

Papa’s kettle corn is available in the depot , in the red barn , and Kate’s kitchen, and in the white barn next to the check out. Be sure to purchase an extra bag for all next week

More on Kettle Corn

During the 1800’s on farms, one not only would one find a large amount of livestock and corn growing, but a large family working the farm, as well. A land’s most valuable asset was the family and friends who all pitched in at harvest time.

Shucking, drying, and storing corn was hard work. The family had to be sure to store enough grain for livestock, the family and the next year’s crop.

Of course eating corn was the most fun. Often ladies would put aside their lard for rendering pots to pop huge volumes of sweetened kettle corn for all the helpers to enjoy. A party atmosphere was a certain when the sounds of hot corn came bursting out of the pot.