little buds railroad Little Bud’s Railroad

Ride over a half-mile of hand-laid railroad track, passing through a 100 foot tunnel!

$3 per person*



Ride Past Uncle Lester’s Pig Races, Dusty Bottoms Gulch, Whistle Pass, and all sorts of farm animals, crops, and farm equipment. Young and old will get a chuckle out of our two series of the historic “Burma-Shave” signs alongside the railway.

Grandpa usually runs the train from Noon to 6 p.m., weather permitting.

Little Bud’s Railroad History

Little Bud’s Railroad is a replica of the 1863 C. P. Huntington train—our train is number 54, hand-built by Chance Manufacturing in Wichita, Kansas. The original was built for Collis Huntington, a west coast merchant who was looking for a more economical and timely manner of having manufactured goods transported from coast to coast. Before the railroad, a trip from coast to coast would take six months or longer—the options at the time were delivery by horse or ox driven wagon.

C.P. Huntington became one of the Big Four operators of the Central Pacific Railroad. He and his partners took great risks with their money, time and energy to build the railroad. You may recognize the famous California beach named after Collis Huntington.

The creation of the railroad allowed the farmer to move his product of produce, crops and livestock to the major population centers in a timely manner. This made it possible for the farmer to increase his income, and improve his family’s quality of life as well as the tables of the town dwellers. Our railroad is just for fun, but we think it is important to share its history with our children while you are riding around the farm.


*Children 2 and under FREE with accompanying adult