Petting Farm Carolyn’s Country Cousin’s Petting Farm

The baby goats will love to see you!




We’ve got some interesting animal friends at the farm.

A day on the farm should always include time to meet all the interesting farm animals and various critters Bunnies, goats and a variety of critters that have found their way to Carolyn’s Country Cousins.

Bunnies, Goats, Peacocks N’ More

The baby goats will love to see you. These little guys have a big appetite, and we have healthy goat snacks available for purchase so that you can hand feed them.

Did you know that part of your admission dollars directly contribute to Carolyn’s mission of saving and preserving native and heritage farm animals? Endangered animals are more than exotic creatures in far off lands.

Many old yet previously common animals are disappearing from our farms as rural lifestyles have changed. Animals that produce more meat, more milk, more eggs or more wool have been bred by prosperous farmers. The farm animals that were not as productive have declined in their numbers. Many breeds are close to being extinct.

Why is this important to save these animal breeds? It is called genetic diversity. These animals have tremendous genetic value. However, these animals have limited market value.

We are members of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.
Our Farm is also regularly inspected by the USDA and we are a Licensed Animal Exhibitor.