Red Barn Bakery Red Barn Bakery


Walk straight from the admission barn right into the open doors of the red barn Bakery where food memories begin.

Do you remember going to grandmas house in the fall coming in the back porch kitchen door, hearing that old screen door swing back and forth. The air has been cooled. it’s filled with a smells harvest bounty.

Here in the red barn bakery at Carolyns Country Cousins we try to capture that memory. We bake all week so we have enough for your family’s visit. Everyone has their favorites.

We continue the tradition that many farmer wife started. She made magic with a few ingredients .. butter, flour, milk, eggs … And the fruits of her land.

Grandpa loves pie and grandma makes sure he’s not disappointed. What is your favorite – Apple, berry, pecan, pumpkin or grandma special of the week?

Have you ever tasted a hand made pumpkin roll cake? And Allison makes one from scratch. This pumpkin roll is a state fair winner for sure!

We continue to make great-grandmothers pumpkin bread recipe as well this year we will surprise you with a few more old favorites from a newly discovered old family cookbook .. Complete with curled pages.

What is your favorite … Frosted pumpkin cookies or maybes chocolate chip , hot cinnamon rolls, Golden brown Apple dumpling, or like the cousins the creamy rich three layer chocolate cake?

We have a wide-variety of homemade specialty items, including our giant cinnamon rolls, hot apple dumplings, and delicious caramel apples. We also have lots of your favorite drinks, including hot chocolate and coffee, and cider or orange slushes in our Pumpkin Sipper!