Uncle Lester's Pig Races Uncle Lester’s Pig Races

Yup! Crazy ol’ Uncle Lester has trained those pigs of his to race around the track!



You ever seen a pig run?

You’ll be surprised how fast those little porkers can move! At the start of every race, Uncle Lester will introduce the contestants—theres Pork Chop, Ham’n Eggs, Lean Cuisine—well, you get the picture. There’s a lot bacon running in this race!

Pork Chop, Ham’n Eggs, Lean Cuisine

Both the contestants and the crowd will be squealing with delight as the starting gate flies open and the contestants shoot out into to irresistibly fresh mud. At the first turn, everybody slides the corner, tails curled and snouts headed to glory.

Uncle Lester will call the race so you’ll know who’s ahead by the hair of his chinny-chin-chin. And you’ll know who’s up for breakfast if he doesn’t get a move on.

Seriously, no pigs are harmed in the running of this race. Carolyn’s Pumpkin Patch is proud to be certified and in full compliance with the USDA as a licensed animal exhibitor. Admission to the pig races is included in your general admission.

Uncle Lester races his famous pigs Saturday and Sunday from 11 AM until 5 PM. The show last 15 to 20 minutes. An audience favorite for all ages.
There are 3 heats! Come cheer on your favorite porker!